Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Why I HEART Kathy Griffin

I am in love with a woman and her name is Kathy.
Kathy Griffin is barnone one of the funniest people on earth. whether you agree with me or not does not matter because I am writing this blog and not you so just sit there and read about my love affair with my girl Kathy.
From Seinfeld to Suddenly Susan to the D-List Kathy has been charming the pants off the world with her wit, her humour and her glamour.
She is not your everyday kinda girl. She went from a regular home in Illinois to the power and glory of Hollywood and she did it unlike most other starlets. She did it by saying the truth and knocking the right doors down despite who was on the other side.
She was a nobody who wanted to become a somebody and along the way she realized that she was a somebody the whole time. Her fame came from her heart and her gut. She dared to tell the jokes that no other comic would tell. She made enemies as quickly as friends and she won the hearts and love of her public in the process.
Her often abrasive nature endears us to this incredible woman. Her message not one of hate but off fairness and equality through humour.
I feel like I know her and although she will never speak my name or kiss my cheek I know that she knows me too! I mean, we have so much in common.
She was the youngest girl in her family and so was I. She couldn't shut up as a child and neither could I. She is a shinny, famous, rich celebrity and.... I'm not. She stands up to bullies and knocks them back into their place no matter how rich and powerful they are, so do I... (kinda). She eats in the best restaurants and dines with powerful and very important people. I had half price appetizers at East Side Mario's with Heather and Darren. She hosts award galas and I had the girls over for wine and meatballs a few weeks ago. I mean our similarities are endless. She has fiery red wavy, shoulder length hair and I have hair on my shoulders. She has a team of people that make her beautiful, efficient and on time. I have an iPhone. But most of all we both are dedicated our lives to making this world a better place, one laugh at a time.
Kathy is one of those people that I feel like I have always known yet I will never get the chance to actually speak to.
Despite this, I know that she will move on without me and get over the loss of not having me as her assistant or her personal muse or BFF. It's all good.
On a serious note, our friend Kathy has used her fame and money for great causes. Her relentless quest empower the gay communities around the world has raised her status in the gay community to the level of Judy Garland. Her shows are filled with "gays" that hang off her every word. She will smash the pride off the biggest celebrity and empower the weakest of common men. She is a hero to many but to me she is my pal Kathy.
One of these days I will travel to see her live in concert and I will take away with me more than a memory and a ticket stub. I will take away a once in a lifetime experience to be in the same room with a modern day goddess that single handedly changed the way the word thinks... One laugh at a time!
As I hold my thumb to my ear and my pinky to my mouth I say two words to Kathy... Call me!

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