Saturday, 5 November 2011


When you get to be 38 you often realize that the pleasure of others can be quite subjective. I mean there is the obvious pleasure that we want our partners to feel... which more often than not falls a close second to our own. That being said, we are pleasing machines. Life is a constant battle and we are always trying to please someone.
Woman often say that everyone else comes first and men are often too busy with the lotion and box of tissue to hear them. Now there is clearly a certain amount of truth to that but we are all guilty of the pleasing sin.
We wake up and we have to please the dogs and let them out to relieve themselves and then feed them. We get in the car and we have to please all of the people driving around us with courtesy and manners. We get to work and God forbid our boss not see us as the shining example of the company. Our coworkers need something by 3pm or the cleaning crew needs our trash cans in a certain place to make it easier to be emptied. The list goes on and on.
We get home and the kids need pleasing too not to mention that they need to be fed, cleaned and loved before they go to bed. And then it is time for us! That special time when the house is quiet and pleasure can be had right there on the sofa! Then your partner falls asleep in the chair watching Enews so out comes the box of tissue and lotion again.
Pleasure is so over-rated. I mean who can please everybody all of the time? If we all just pleased ourselves then we would be a happier species.
People will read what I think and say and will not be pleased. Hmmm, should i get the lotion for you? People will not get that report on their desk on time and not be pleased; Hand him the tissues.
People will always find a way to blame their displeasure on someone else. Cry me a river. Take the bull by the horns and say what you feel.  Get in the drivers seat and control your own pleasure!
If someones words or thoughts upset you, write your own.
If someones kids bug you, have your own (as if they won't drive you too).
If you feel unsatisfied in life and have no pleasure of your own, grab a box of tissue, a bottle of lotion and please yourself till it hurts! I mean, nobody else is going to do it for you!
Pleasure is so over-rated and it is so hard to type with hands covered in lotion!

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