Thursday, 3 November 2011

My Mom

ok. lets start this by saying that I have the funniest (unintentional) Mother ever. I am so much like her is is crazy! lol wait, Im not saying I'm funny rather I'm saying I'm as crazy as her.
We all remember back in the days when we were young and impressionable and our parents... God love em, smoked on airplanes!
My mom tells stories of delivering her babies and before they gave her the child they brought in her smokes and ashtray. Now thats what I call health care!
I remember sitting in the back seat of the car, hot boxed in with mom smoking and refusing to open the window because it was cold out. Oh, and when she would be smoking on an airplane and she would tell me to hold her cigarette while she ran to the bathroom. OMG and the flight attendants would give us little bottles of liquor because our parents to us to ask for them as they were free! lol
Mom would give me change to go buy her cigarettes (export A greens) and then she would sit and smoke them while we ate supper.
OMG what a different world it was. Mom blames society for her smoking with her kids and we just think she was responsible for some of the funniest albeit most toxic memories we had.
Mom is now called Nanny Lush, and she doesn't smoke anymore. Now she just entertains us with her...... lets just say there will be more mom blogs to come!

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  1. remember it! actually I do remember getting sent to the store as a kid to buy smokes and being hotboxed in the backseat but i actually seen just 2 months ago in Greece when my mother -in-law sent the neighbors kid to the store to buy smokes! yes in some parts of the world things have not changed all that much! lol