Monday, 7 November 2011

Don't FALL for Autumn

This time of year can be difficult for many of us living here in the great northern expanse of Canada. In pictures it can look beautiful. Im sure there are people in Australia or Brazil that look at their "Colours of Canada" calendars and think of a romantic frolic through the red and golden leaves that have fallen in the park while a moose strolls by and says "eh?" Well the reality is different for much of us who get to experience the 4 seasons. This one sucks. Yes it is colourful and pretty but the pretty fades pretty fast with one good windy day and getting dark before 5pm is like being put away into a shoe box before supper.
Yes, I can hear people now. "Jay, you could be living in Afghanistan."
To that I say "Oh shut up!" I could have fallen of the empire state building last year to but I didn't so let's keep this blog relative. I am not saying that we live in a hell on earth and there is no worse place to be on this planet because I know Utah still has lots of space. I just think it is sad being here in the fall. At least in Ontario you know that its just a few months before the beauty of spring is upon you. Here in Newfoundland we will not see a leaf again until June. Snow has already been scrapped off the steps and the cold and darkness will be hanging over us for the next 5-6 months.
I hate Autumn more than winter. At least winter holds Christmas and my birthday.
I find this time of year to be the saddest and the loneliest. I was looking at picture on Facebook of a friend diving through the crystal blue waters off Maui this week. The strong bright sun backlighting the picture of his handsome youthful expression as he dives into that beautiful scene. "Bite me Sam." Bite me hard because If I dove in the ocean here today I would no doubt end up with polio.
Ok, so I again will shout out to all the lovely Australian men who want a Canadian husband! Hollah back mates! Sigh

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