Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Warning!! I am about to rant about a public figure that gives me the piles!

Barbara Walters (40 odd years ago) in the earlier days of her journalism Career. 

First off.., I hesitate to publish this blog. I am reluctant. Don't get me wrong, if there was one person on this earth I would like to have a long deep discussion with it would be Barbara Walters. Not because I admire her but because I despise her and her presence. I am not sure where this distain for her is rooted in my psyche but I figured I would share it in hopes that maybe I can someday see her face and not want to kick it. Someday maybe I can hear her voice and not scream "oh shut up!" Someday maybe, I can sit across from her and actually hear what she has to say and not hear a prompted well written judgmental script that is often meant to make her guest look stupid and her look thought provoking. Unless of course her guest is an popular celebrity whose ass she is crawling up and then uses them to name throw for weeks.
Over the course of my life I have watched plenty of shitty stuff on TV. But to me nothing is as shitty as Barbara Walters. Yes, she is a TV legend. Yes she is a crusader for the modern day suffrage movement breaking down walls for female journalists dating back to Elizabeth I I'm think. But seriously. To have this woman talking her scripted and well versed opinions on modern day television about modern topics with modern woman is ridiculous. This woman should have retired 20 years ago. It is like asking Einstein to come on TV and discuss decorating in the 21st century.

She has a billion dollars and an ego to match. She is pretentious and over-bearing and lives and has always lived a privileged life. She is so far removed from the "real world" it is crazy.
Today she asked a porn star why she would ever decide to do porn? Really Barb? That is the best that your judgmental little mind could come up with. This former "porn star" has been reading in grade schools to under privileged kids and Barbara, totally knowing how to relate to both the under privilege and the porn industry took control of the questioning. She was clearly offended that a woman that has sucked a dick before and gotten paid for it is not as good as her and has no right to read to children.
I swear I want to hold the cane the day it reaches out and yanks her off stage.
There comes a point in time when we all stop working. Most of us look forward to that day like a child does to Christmas. We save our whole lives and we count down the days to retirement like opening the windows on our advent calendar. Yet for some reason the "professionals" in the public eye seem to work into their 120's despite the fact that they have more money than any of us could dream of attaining. They get their faces pulled and cut to give them the appearance of the younger competitors and they have the cameras equipped with special lenses to make them look cloudy like some bad episode of Moonlighting with Cybil Shepard.
Barbara Walters has served her purpose and as far as I am concerned over-stayed her welcome. She was a groundbreaking journalist in the 1970's and in the 1980's her interviews put her on the international map. Now at the tender age of 187 it is time she go and enjoy her time for herself. Go retire, buy a condo on the beach and relax. She needs to stop talking about topics that are so far removed from her 5th ave lifestyle. Her republican agenda is evident and clear and it is as disturbing to me as her judgmental gaze on anyone that does not look at her with admiration.
She looked at that young lady today who simply read to poor children, that she no doubt invited on the show, like a pariah. She demeaned her and made her look like a whore. Like a $2.00 slut. Indeed I think Barbara Walters came across as the $2.00 slut. She is a whore to herself, her ego and her need to be in the spotlight and judge everyone from her well placed ivory pedestal. Where I come from, when people put down others in order to elevate themselves we call them something, a bully.
Barbara is the worst kind of bully. She is a passive aggressive, powerful woman of a bygone era that refuses to move forward with the times. She makes her 243 year old face look younger with her surgeries and camera tricks but her true age comes out every time she opens her mouth and the ignorant disturbing thoughts and ideas that have died a generation before come out of her mouth in her clever passive way.
She is actually 82 and genuinely looks about 55. Her appearance is no more natural that her banter with the ladies on The View. You can often see her words being coached from an earpiece that she relies on. As a gay, modern, intelligent man I find her offensive, patronizing and completely narcissistic. Her ego, her money and her power in the industry, is the only reason she is still working and I am so over her. What she brings to TV is no more than what my cat brings to dentistry.
Go home Barbara, your relevance has passed. Let your legacy be what you attained in your glory days and not your downfall of the 21st century. You are not funny. You are not entertaining. Your questions are often rude, patronizing and unbelievably outdated and not something that people really want to hear. Your tightened face and pretentious accent is like nails on the backboard of my life.
If this blog, to you, sounds like bullying. Trust me it is not. I am voicing my opinion of a person that earns millions and millions of dollars by putting her pointless opinions and tired body on my TV everyday.
Yes, I could just turn the TV off and not watch her but the truth is, I kind of like The View. I find the opinions of 4-5 ladies while I eat lunch quite often humorous and thought provoking. Then Barbara speaks and every hair on my body stands on end.
Barbara Walters As she appears today at the age of 82.
Imagine your 4 year old went off to school and had a 82 year old teacher. hmmm, would that be ok? No
Imagine the next time you went to the salon to get your hair and nails done and you have a new 82 year old stylist. Not gonna happen.
Imagine the doctor who was going to come in and perform your brain surgery was 82. EFF that!
This is not meant to be anything negative about our aging loved ones. Their relevance is as important now as it was when we were kids. But seriously, if my mom was getting plastic surgery, changing her appearance, going on TV and talking aloud with opinions that are so old fashioned that they embarrassed an entire generation, I might tell her to go retire and live the rest of her life in peace. If she continued to have surgery, uses fancy lenses and go onTV talking nonsense I would indeed call her a narcissistic twat and change my last name!
Ms. Walters no longer cares about the news or the views. She no longer cares about advancing her journalistic career. She no longer cares about the rights of woman in the workplace. She is an exploitive journalist that is out to make a quick buck and fill her wallet as full as she can before that one more surgery finally turns her into Michael Jackson and her belly button becomes her nose!
Now. all of this being said, there is nothing wrong with having plastic surgery. There is nothing wrong with working till you die. There is nothing wrong with doing it in the public eye. There is nothing wrong with being Barbara Walters. Just know that if you are, not everyone will like you and just like you have a voice to express your view, so do I!
In the words of the great Barbara Walters:
"Show me someone who never gossips, and I will show you someone who is not interested in people."
All of this being said, there is nothing wrong with Barbara Walters choices and career moves but how dare she judge anyone when she can't even be real about herself. I am simply not a fan of her at all!
Now, take a little time and enjoy the view!
Not that there is anything wrong with it!

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