Monday, 7 November 2011

Sibling Rivalry

You know, it's not easy being nice when it is in your nature to not be nice! lol I mean, I am trying to toot the horn of not being a bully but maybe I am a closet bully myself. As I look back at some of the funniest stories in my head there is usually a victim of some sort.
I mean I am trying to not paint anyone in a negative light because I don't really want my mom phoning me telling me that somebody that I really don't give a shit about is offended by something I wrote. Or even worse, someone I do give a shit about might be offended. Many of the best stories from growing up will most definitely be from my perspective and thus will perhaps make my sister look like a teenage douchebag, despite her loveliness of today. I mean just because my brother was an angry, violent, ADD affected youth should just make my stories more interesting. I mean he is a wonderful and calming person in our lives today.
My sister and brother and myself had a very volatile childhood. Our mother made us think we were particularly evil and our fighting was completely abnormal. Since then, in talking to other people, I think we were quite healthy. Bruised, scarred and sore but healthy. I mean, is it really normal for kids so close together in age to hang out and not fight? I find it creepy actually. I think serial killers and child molesters are those people who loved their sister and brothers growing up.
I remember the feeling a good punch in the face. Thanks Billy. I remember what it feels like to have a fork in your back. Love you too Barbie. I also remember what it feels like to punch someone in the face. Love you both.
We were normal. Jeze, had we not beat the shit out of each other back then maybe we would be violent and angry today. There is something that you learn when you are young, genuinely hurt, and your brother and sister laugh in your face, put you in the end table, slide a ruler through the handle so you can't get out and then proceed to watch TV.  You learn a lesson in patience, communication as well as how to stay calm as your entire body falls asleep and cramps.
We spend much of our own parenthood trying to hide the realities of our own youth from our kids in hopes that they will be different. In hopes that by shielding them from the truths of our past we may create a better future for them. I dunno. It didn't work for our parents. My mom made her childhood seem like an episode from "The Little House on The Prairie" and her kids pounded on each other regularly. I think if we tell our kids that they should beat the crap out of their siblings and it is normal then they would probably do it less.
I look back now at these memories and I smile. We were like most kids growing up in that time, we just didn't know it. TV and movies didn't accurately display what "normal" family life was like. The Cosby's were not exactly how we all lived. Most of us didn't have doctor and lawyer parents that always seemed to be around and were never working. Most of us were not raised on lessons and problems that were dealt with within 22 minutes. Most of us were punched in the face a time or two and threw a few punches ourselves. Most of us got away with way more crap than those Cosby kids did as our parents actually could not be everywhere, all of the time. Most of us loved our siblings but never said it as it would probably result with a look of disgust and a punch in the face.
I loved my home growing up. My parents were just like yours. They loved their kids and they did everything they could to make us normal. They failed miserably! lol We are all anything but normal in fact we are better than that. Normal is boring. We are the Lush's.
From time to time I get all cathartic and look back at my childhood and see it from every angle possible. I was the victim, I was the cause, I was the pain in the ass little brother. I was happy, I was sad, I was the pain in the ass little brother.
Now we are all grown up. I am the tallest, biggest and strongest. I am way better looking and talented than them and I am still our parents favourite. We don't fight anymore. I love them now as I loved them then, with my middle finger raised from a distance too far for them to catch me! xoxo

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