Wednesday, 16 November 2011

What's in a name?

Hi, my name is Asarella.

We have friends and family around us everyday and everyone of them has a name and we cannot imagine them as anyone other than the name they were given. However have you ever met a beautiful girl or a stunning man and their introduction was followed by this is my friend Gladys or my buddy Herman.
What were their parents thinking? We all have names and if we are blessed to have children we often give the names that we like, have some sort of family attachment etc but an ugly name is an ugly name.
I was at the supermarket recently and saw the cutest little baby girl in her mothers cart smiling at me in that way that little girls do. Her beautiful blue eyes and long lashes coupled only by the beauty of her charm. Then her mom leans down and say "Are you smiling at that man Ruth?" Ruth? I think you grandmother would have understood if you chose to name her Emily or Sarah. Ruth? I instantly saw that beautiful little baby as a middle aged fat lady with a hairy lip with a big black mole and a smoke hanging from it.
My grandmother indeed had an old lady name as well. Her name is actually making a bit of a comeback but I would never name my child Mabel. That being said, I did honour my Nan before she died by naming my dog Mabel and proceeded to send Nan a picture of her and told her all about Mabel my puggle.
My Grandfather's name was Asarella. That's right folks. His name was Asarella. He went by Robert for obvious reasons and only the people who knew him as a child called him Rel. Now, there was never a need for the discussion of why nobody named their child after Pop. Naming your son after one of Cinderella's wicked step sisters is never going to be a popular idea. He understood.
Whatever. People can name their kids anything they like. Gwyneth Paltrow has an "Apple" and Nicolas cage has a "Kal-el". Jason Lee (My Name is Earle) named his kid "Pilot Inspektor." That is correct. "Pilot Inspektor."
You named me what??? Ruth? Really?

Maybe pretty little Ruthie and the supermarket will bring Ruth back. Maybe all of those baby Connie's and Stella's and Frank's and Herbert's out there will change the world.
I suspect they will hate their parents for doing that to them and name all of their own kids John and Jane.
A name says a lot about a person but it really is up to people to own their names and make them as much a part of who they are as their pretty blue eyes and charming disposition.
If that lady on Maury last night can be that loud and that proud and be named Chiquita; all the power to her. If being named after a banana has made her stronger then maybe her parents know that a name is simply a name and nothing more.
From the grandson of Asarella.... peace out!
That's right, My name is Chiquita! I own it!
Please note: If your child's name has appears in this blog I am sure that he or she is adorable and their name is lovely and you are the best parent ever!!!

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