Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Life before Facebook

It appears that Facebook is like something that has always been around, like the sky, or the earth, or Joan Rivers.  The truth is that it is a relatively new phenomenon. I only joined in 2007 and although I found that hard to believe I did in fact investigate and will be God damned I joined in June of 2007. That was the same time I met Darren. I can clearly recall life before him but why is it that when I have to say something now I prefer to type it as opposed to call someone and speak to them.
I will often see something while being out and about and rather than tell a stranger that I appreciate their gesture of kindness or actually smile at someone I say the word "Like" in my head. I have uttered the acronyms OMG  and WTF out loud in public and didn't feel like a knob. I have become a member of the Facebook generation.
If someone announces and event or a party we don't look in our mailbox for an invite, we run to our macbook and open Facebook to see if we made the list! Then we RSVP by clicking a button laugh at the picture and then make a comment on the wall. The we sit around and see if anyone "Likes" our comment or not. What the hell has happened to the English language?
Facebook is not just a social network but has actually become a verb. I have said things like "oh, I'll just Facebook her instead," or "OMG I was Facebooking last night... WTF." That is wrong on so many levels but i am alas a member of the Facebook generation.
Remember those days when you got back from vacation, had your film developed, place the pictures that came out into an album and brought it to school or work and show everyone what a great time you had? Well now as your flight lands and you Facebook everyone that you are back home, you can upload your entire vacation to your Facebook page, tag and comment on each pic before you get to the luggage carousel. As you wait for your luggage, every single person that you know has looked at your pics, tagged something, made inappropriate comments and you are reading them as you wait for your bags.
Let's briefly touch on that moment that you wake up from a particularly fun night out with friends. Drinks dancing good times had by all. There was once a moment in time when we would wake up and think to ourselves, Oh My God.... What happened last night? My head is killing me. Then as the day progressed we would call each other and talk and laugh about everything.
Now we wake and and that moment of panic rushes over us. FACEBOOK. We flip open our laptop and there, staring us in the face are the photos that you have been tagged in. It is you kissing that random dude and you visiting the toilet! OMG Untag Untag Untag!!!
As great as Facebook is and allows us to stay in constant touch with each other it is equally as evil as it allows us to stay in content touch with each other. I really don't care if your mother in law has a fat ass. I really don't want to see your kids baptism in a series of 134 pictures. I like the good stuff! Family fights, break ups and inappropriate pictures. I like that I don't have to call people but can wait till 1am and send off a mindless Facebook message. I am as bad as anyone else when it comes to Facebook. That being said, I still remember life before Facebook!
I remember getting postcards.
I remember opening mail with my fingers.
I remember remember telling a person that you actually liked them.
Man those days sucked!
Long live Facebook!!!!

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