Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Got Gas?

One Summer morning in the mid 90's my brother and I we sitting outside our parents home have a smoke. Mom was inside somewhere and Dad was out running some errands. It was a Saturday so nobody had to work and it was just a lazy morning smoking cigarettes and drinking tea. Then we saw dad driving up the road and turn not the driveway.
There looked to be something hanging off the side of the car. I couldn't tell what it was. Billy was trying to see what it was. He couldn't tell. By the time Dad had parked the car in the driveway Billy and I were laughing so hard we had abandoned out cigarettes. Dad got out of the car and stood there looking at us asking us what were were laughing at. He was chuckling but had no idea why we were laughing. We were trying to tell Dad why we were laughing but the only sounds we could make were moans, groans and down right laughter. Mom came outside at this point and asked us "what is so funny?" We pointed at the car and she looked and saw the nozzle and gas hose hanging out of the back of the car. She didn't find it funny at all. She looked at Dad and asked him is he just got gas. He said "Yeah, why?" "Look at the car you bloody fool!"
Dad had pulled into the full station gas bar, asked for a fill up, gave the kid the money and drove home. Unbeknownst to him they had not yet removed the hose. Dad left the scene with a part of the pump and gas spraying everywhere! Apparently the kid went chasing after Dad but he drove off and saw nothing. Good times Dad!
That was an expensive tank of gas for Dad that day as he had to take that walk of shame back to the gas station and pay for a new gas pump. However at least today I was able to tell this story! Thanks Dad

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