Thursday, 3 November 2011

Show me your Beaver!

Ok... so again, my mom is nuts! I hope she doesn't figure out how to read this! lol
When you are 38 you definitely remember your first trip to the local tshirt shop at the mall in the 70/80's. Back then we looed through binders in nervous anticipation, trying to find the perfect tshirt that tells all of your friends exactly who you are! Then you chose the font and colour of fuzzy letter to spell your name out across your back before you went to the park or to school and were the instant envy of your friends!
I still remember the day Mom took us to the mall for just that purpose! OMG i was freaking out!
I was gonna get my very own cool iron on shirt and I could not wait! As I stated in previous blogs, I was the youngest of 3 So I had to wait my turn. Barbie went first and I haven't got the foggiest idea what her shirt was but i remember it being blue. Then was Billy's turn and he laboured and searched through the binders forever before he decided on a black tshirt that had a rock-n-roll theme stating "Momma thinks I'm lazy, Papa thinks i'm crazy, but I just wanna Rock-n-Roll....
Then it was my turn! I was ready to go through the binders... to pick out my colour and font of fuzzy letter. I was going to be the coolest kid ever because I was going to pick out my T-Shirt and design it myself.
Then it appeared Barbie and Billy were over this trip to the Mall and Mom was getting irritated! She stood there smoking her ExportA Green and told me to hurry up and pick one out.
This was not a gentle process. These decisions could make or break you on the school bus...
Mom made this decision quite easy... she pointed at the one on the open page and told the 15 year old punk behind the counter to do this one in baby blue cotton with the name Jason in red letters!
I didn't want that. It was a beaver and red letters? I didn't even read what the caption on the iron on said. It just looked "gay". i was mortified.
I got home and stood in the mirror with my new tshirt on. I read the phrase written on it over and over again and I didn't get it at all.
There was a cartoon beaver with big buck teeth with a maple leaf around his head and it said "If you're Canadian, Show me your Beaver!" That's right, and yes I went to Catholic school.
My mom and Aunt Marge insisted it meant my two front teeth but based on the reaction I got from every single adult that saw my shirt I suspected it meant something else.
I still don't like Beaver!

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