Sunday, 1 January 2012

You Have 365 Days!

Let me start off by saying that this is my first mobile blog from my phone as I lay in the tub so I'm hoping this works!!!
I am laying here in the jacuzzi listening to Cosmo Radio thinking about what lies ahead. It's impossible to truly know but it is very possible to set the right path for yourself. 2011 was not the best year of my life but those hurdles have certainly made me look deeper and longer about what I want from 2012. Step 1 in attaining my dreams and goals in 2012 is to scream them out loud! In order to put my dreams out into the universe I must first send them out there from the highest mountain!
I want to find success! I want to stand on my own and change my world for me and my loved ones! Ultimately I want to own my own Bed & Breakfast but my lack of $885,000.00 right now means I must take baby steps this year!
I will find a truly educational job in the tourism industry that will set me on my path to B&B ownership! I will stay positive and I will achieve this goal.
I will also promise myself and everyone around me that I will be more calm and patient. When my dad asks me to take Facebook off his computer again for the 300th time I will pretend that it's possible and do it. I will drive in the car with my mother and let her criticize my driving despite her lack of even having a license. I will call and or text my brother and sister every week. I will let everyone know that I love them every time we speak.
Life is short and I'm no longer going to sweat the small stuff and will enjoy every breath I'm given.
My life will no longer be measured by my failures but rather by my successes! I will allow myself to win and lose and not simply sabotage my existence out of fear. I will not be afraid of success but will embrace it!
Every now and then I am going to scream from the top of my lungs to release the tension and anger that I would have directed at someone I love before.
2012 is going to be my year! I will always accept help and advice and not let my pride interfere in my happiness! I need a job so if u know of one, let me know. I could use some more great friends so if you know me, get closer. I could use a good laugh so please tell me a joke. I could use each and every one of you in my life everyday so please keep in touch.
So my dreams and hopes are out there for the gods to accept and make real! I know I'm going to do my part so what about you? Are you going to make this year the year that you change your world? I can't wait to see what we all can do in just 365 days!

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